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One of the most acrobatic fish that swims in the Atlantic waters off Key West is the sailfish. These fish can reach 8 to 9 feet in length and weigh between 75- to 100- pounds.

Atlantic Sailfish are one of the prized billfish here in the Florida Keys and many anglers come to Key West just to pursue their dream of catching one.

We work hard to make your fishing adventure successful and if sailfish is what you are after then we will do our best to make your dream a reality. Captain Jay Miller uses many methods to raise sailfish including kite fishing, drifting and trolling. The Outer Limits is one of few sport fishing vessels this large that will actively live bait for sailfish.

The winter months can be a great time to fish Key West for sailfish. April is a great time to be here too because the waters come alive offshore with mahi-mahi (dolphin), sailfish, tuna and wahoo.

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